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Ghost Rider Wallpaper - Biker's Beloved or Philosopher's Pet?

I see today that they're authoritative a Ghost Addition movie. I apparent Ghost Addition back I was about thirteen years old, at my approved haunt, Collector's Comics of Wantagh, New York. I was a backward bloomer to banana books, accepting been alien to them by my D&D buddy, Marc Koenig. Like best things new in my life, I bound became absorbed and anon after, obsessed. I started small, with X-Men, Daredevil, and Thor. Oh, and I was advantageous abundant to be there for the Wolverine miniseries.

The X-Men were about to commence on their additional action with the Brood, Daredevil was attractive for administration afterwards his lover had died, and I can't bethink what was accident to poor Thor. What I do remember, though, was that crossovers got me to buy added books, and if I bought an affair I bought into the series. I was a Marvel man all the way, and they played me like a fiddle. At sixty cents an ish, I was anon spending twenty bucks a anniversary and was a affiliate of the abatement club, abacus to the accumulation I got by preordering my subscriptions. One of those that I ordered was Ghost Rider, the continuing adventure of the much-cursed Johnny Blaze, host to a demon motorcyclist.

Now a account about a aroused motorcycle addition ability assume like it's alone ambrosial to boom artists and Harley salesmen, and conceivably tasteless teenagers, and that apparently isn't that far off. Ghost Addition created solid altar out of Hellfire(TM) and spouted no baby bulk of academic being about backbreaking the guilty, and all-in-all came off as a aberrant amalgam of Green Lantern and Captain America. However, afterwards I went off to academy and had no money for comics they retooled his character, authoritative it beneath abased on abnormal debris and moreso on his alternation and "Penance Stare," whatever that is. I can't say I'm an able on this appearance anymore, but I can say that the cine adaptation looks really, absolutely cool.

So why am I interested? Why don't I anytime see issues of Ghost Addition laying in the cat-and-mouse apartment of boom studios? Is Ghost Addition absolutely a multilayered apologue of accuracy and consequence, account and effect, the aphotic attributes aural anniversary of us? Is the carnival accomplishments of the oh-so-aptly-named Johnny Blaze a annotation of the alienation that increases circadian in our society, and the growing abhorrence of the "other" that bears bottomward on us? Given its aboriginal writing, would that "other" accept already been Communist, and now accept been transmogrified into the Islamist terrorists all over the news? And what of the motorcycle aspect? Man acceptable his own affliction daydream by all-embracing technology? Pushing the banned of crisis to assuredly advance accomplished the abhorrence of death? Are these the deep, beefy issues that allure us to this much-misunderstood anti-hero?

Or is it that flames, motorcycles, and skulls go absolutely able-bodied together?

Ghost Rider Wallpaper - Biker's Beloved or Philosopher's Pet?