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Cat wallpaper - Grooming your cat

To keep your cat happy, healthy and clean is essential to properly groom your cat. When reading this section you will learn how and when to groom your cat, and what equipment to use. You will learn how to brush your cat, bath your cat, how to clean cats ears and take care of your cat's teeth.

Brushing and combing your cat

Cats spend 10 percent of their waking hours grooming licking dirt and excess skin from his cloak, but this is not enough to keep it clean and some cats do not clean properly. You should brush and comb your cat on a regular basis. Short-haired cats are easier to groom long-haired cats. If you are unsure of what your cat, visit the races. When you are preparing your cat you should be alert and control of fleas, scars, wounds and tumors.

The first thing you need to know is the difference between a comb and a cat brush cat. A cat comb is used to remove excess hair, remove knots and remove dirt. A cat brush to fluff the hair and make it smooth and look good. If you own long-haired cat I would recommend buying both a comb and a brush as you learn later, if you own a shorthaired cat is not as important, but you can if you wish.

Alternatively, you can choose to buy a cat grooming kit which includes a brush to comb, and everything else you need. You can purchase the equipment directly from your local pet store but you could also consider buying online. There are many types of combs and brushes to choose from and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. For best results and not spend a fortune you should buy a tooth comb, a brush and a flea comb. All this should cost less than $ 10 USD.

It's a waste of time brushing your cat with a normal comb / brush. The advantages of using a cat brush is that it shelters the body's natural oils, the bristles gently remove tangles and after brushing your cat have a hair shiny, attractive and healthy. But more importantly it is designed to remove excess hair, and then in the future when your cat does not swallow much hair clean, avoiding to have a hairball.

If you have a cat should be brushed from an early age so they get used to the process and is not an experience of fear and anxiety. You will enjoy the grooming process, but most of all that does not have to train later in life. If you have an adult cat that likes to be brushed and found the experience terrifying, preparing to enter slowly and not make the sessions more than five minutes. If this fails, you could try to end the grooming session with playtime for your cat hope that every day. One of the most important things to remember is that a short session each day is better than one long session each week.

As I mentioned earlier, short-haired cats are easier to groom long-haired cats, is a bit more difficult and may take a little longer. If you own a cat you should groom short hair once a week or every few days and should take 5 to 10 minutes. If you own a cat grooming Long hair should be done every day or every other day, and should be between 10 and 20 minutes. By now you are probably thinking "how can you brush a cat for 20 minutes. The preparation process is not only brushing, but also clean the nose and ears if necessary and sometimes brushing your cat's teeth. For more information about these, read on.

To groom your cat, follow these simple steps:

-Place your cat on a bench or table. Depends on what your cat feel more comfortable, and some owners brush their cat in his lap.

-Gently brush from head to tale with short, gentle strokes with a comb to remove knots, do not pull hard otherwise it will hurt and suffering to your cat, so unpleasant and pleasant experience. For best results also brush on the neck and stomach. If you have a flea comb, brush head to tale.

-Use a brush to fluff the hair, if you are unsure of what brush to use ask your local pet store. A cat brush is good for your cat's appearance and health and can be imported from several different places.

Bathing your cat

You do not need to bathe your cat unless very dirty. Most people who have winning cats bath their cat on a regular basis. Many cats do not like water and find a bathroom frightening and traumatic experience. If you ever need to bathe your cat, the following information will tell you how. The first thing you have to do is brush your cat to remove excess hair and dirt. Talk to your cat with relaxed voice to keep it as quiet as possible and not make quick movements. Having everything ready before you start, which should consist of 4-6 towels, shampoo, hair dryer and cotton balls. You can use special shampoo or cat can use normal shampoo but does not really make a difference.

Use cotton balls to protect water from entering your ears cats. If your cat has smaller ears use only half or even quarter. If you have a hose or laundry room, use it because it makes it much easier. If you do not have a hose use a cup or plastic container. You should not wear nice clothes, because most likely you will end up as wet as the cat. Wash your cat in a bathroom or laundry room. For starters, wetting it with warm water. Avoid wetting its eyes and ears as possible unless it particularly dirty.

Keep your cat firmly, as they try to escape and probably bite and scratch you. Once the cat is wet apply shampoo and massage gently. If your cat is very dirty you can shampoo twice. Rinse your cat from top to bottom and make sure you get all the shampoo out. Use towels to dry your cat as best you can finish the job with a hairdryer.

Cleaning your ears cats

Cleaning your cat's ears should be a routine part of their preparation. To get rid of dirt and wax, use a cotton swab but never go beyond that you can see, because it can permanently damage your hearing cats. What should be done every month.

Dental Care (Article)

Many people do not brush their cats teeth often enough, some never have. If your cat's teeth are not brushed, bacteria accumulate and may result in tooth loss. You should brush your cat's teeth every week. If you have a kitten you should start brushing when all 36 teeth have grown, which is about 6 months old. If you have an adult cat, introduce slowly and keep the sessions short.

You can buy specially designed toothbrushes for cats, but a child's toothbrush will be as good, just that the bristles are soft so do not cut the gums. Do not use normal toothpaste as it can cause digestive problems and make your cat sick. You can buy cat toothpaste especially their pets to the vet store or online.

To properly brushing your cat to start gently brushing the outer surface of the teeth. Do not brush the inside of the teeth until your cat is used for the process. Brush in a circular motion from the bottom of the gum to the tips of the teeth. Some cats require professional cleaning, when a severe tartar buildup. When brushing your cat's teeth note the condition of your cat's gums.

Consult your veterinarian if your gums are swollen, if there is any bleeding, bad breath, drooling, dark spots, sores, refusal to open his mouth or reluctance to eat. If your cat has any of these symptoms it is possible to have gum disease. Gum disease is common in cats and can be fatal if not treated. It begins with the accumulation of plaque and tartar that causes the infected roots. This can be avoided by regular brushing.

Cat wallpaper - Grooming your cat