Wallpaper Celebrity

Wonderfully White

I often admire homes with beautifully painted dark rooms and heavily patterned wallpapered walls. The rooms always look so sophisticated & together. But for me I love white. But white alone is boring, and we tend to fill up our walls with lots of colorful artwork, books, etc. When I saw this home shot by Patric Johansson, I kept going back to it and thinking how beautiful it was. White, clean, yet colorful and organized. Exactly what I strive for in our home.

Back when we were renovating our apt. I tested out 5 different whites for our walls! And not just on one wall, I literally painted each wall throughout the rooms to see how each white looked with that particular room's natural light. It was an arduous (but worth it) process. I ended up going with a greyish white (Ben Moore - Winter White) for most of our walls, and for trim and ceilings I went with Ben Moore - Simply White. The two look beautiful together. I definitely tend to lean more towards the greyish/blue whites than the yellowish whites. When I'm ready, I look forward to showing you photos of our apt.

{all photos by patric johansson via desire to inspire}