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Radiohead at Roseland

Patrick and I were one of the lucky people that got to see Radiohead in an intimate concert at Roseland Ballroom. The show was unbelievable and we were fortunate to sit on the side of the stage with completely unobstructed views. Since they aren't officially on tour, it was a great mix of old and new. Some highlights for me were OK Computer's "Subterranean Homesick Alien" and a nod to REM's "The One I Love" into their "Everything In Its Right Place". It was definitely one of those amazing performances, where everyone in the venue knew how lucky they were to be there and appreciated how special it truly was (definitely a pinch me moment).

This show was definitely on top of my list of amazing performances, but nothing will ever compare to an Arcade Fire show we went and saw almost 5 years ago at a small church in the West Village. Check out this video, we were within feet of this performance. There is nothing quite like the acoustics in a church.

{photos by me}