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PAIGE DUKE Miss Sprint Cup Photos

PAIGE DUKE Miss Sprint Cup Photos - Paige Duke was one of three Miss Sprint Cup models whose job it was to do meet and greets with fans during NASCAR events.Last week we took a look at the 2010 Miss Sprint Cup lineup. This week we're spotlighting one of the new Miss Sprint Cups, southern belle Paige Duke. Paige Duke is a graduate of Clemson University, where she studied animal science. 

Paige Duke is a model whose hobbies include horse riding, barrel racing, rodeos and shooting sporting clays. Paige Duke appeared in Brantley Gilbert's music video for "Kick it in the Sticks" and competed in the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International Model Search. According to a modeling Web site, Paige Duke was also a Hooters girl. Paige Duke is originally from Lancaster, S.C. Welcome to the Cup Series, Paige.
In short, it was an easy job with great pay and the opportunity to mingle with stars.

Paige Duke The 24-year-old beauty had a cushiony job that many young women wish for. However, this is another cautionary tale of what young adults should not do. Unbeknownst to her, nak*d photos Paige had taken at 18 for her then boyfriend had been circulating around the Internet. Paige Duke past had caught up with her in a vicious way.

A classmate from the college Paige Duke had attended, Clemson University, called her to tell her that he had received an email with nud* photos of a woman who resembled her. He forwarded the email to her and she just broke down.

Paige stated, "I just burst out into tears. I couldn't believe this was coming back from six years ago. I never intended for anyone to see them but my ex-boyfriend. I was in love with him. I was naïve and young."

Unfortunately, being beautiful, naïve and young is that's all it takes to potentially ruin your future career. Shortly after receiving the damning email, Paige Duke received even worse news. Sprint was on the phone to relieve her of her Miss Sprint Cup duties. The company stated her nak*d photos were contradictory to the "morality clause" in Paige Duke contract.

Speaking with sadness, Paige Duke said, "I understood. I was expecting it to happen. I was fired from a job I love. This job was perfect for me."

Sprint made the following official statement: "We wish Ms. Duke the best of luck in her future endeavors."

Through this tragic event, Paige Duke is trying to hold her head high. It is clear that Paige Duke has learned a valuable lesson the hard way. Now, Paige Duke wants to ensure it won't happen to someone else. It is always the hardest lessons that are most easily remembered.

Speaking about what she may do next, Paige said, "I can teach young girls that they need to learn a lesson from me, and hopefully, I can save some other girls from going through this someday. Anything you think is private probably won't be private one day."