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Casey Anthony Released From Jail on July 17

Casey Anthony Released From Jail on July 17 - Casey Anthony, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter using duct tape and chloroform, was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison Thursday for lying to police. The three years that she has already spent behind bars will be counted for time served, as well as good behavior.
Casey Anthony, acquitted of killing her daughter Caylee, will be released from jail on July 17 instead of July 13, according to court officials.

Judge Belvin Perry originally estimated that Anthony could be freed by late July or early August, but her attorney Jose Baez said she would be released July 13, ABC News reported.

But an updated statement from the Orange County Corrections Department projected Anthony's release for July 17.

The jury acquitted Anthony on charges of aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse Tuesday. If convicted of the more serious charges, she would have faced the death penalty.

Casey Anthony, 25, partied after her daughter Caylee died, acquiring a new tattoo with the Italian words for "Beautiful Life" and entering herself into a hot body contest.

Prosecutors alleged that Casey Anthony drugged her daughter with chloroform and suffocated her using duct tape. Duct tape was found on the body, where the little girl's face had been, but decomposition was so advanced that cause of death was difficult to determine. Internet searches were found on Casey Anthony's personal computer for the terms "how to make chloroform," "neck-breaking," and "self-defense."